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Every family needs a mom and dad, and those roles fall to Paul and Sao. This is not out of default; this is because they truly play these roles. Paul is the founder, creator, fearless leader of MCC, while Sao is a strong powerful woman, who stood beside him, supported him, and helped him turn MCC into what it is today. They're helped in their  task by their 4 childs, Jasmine, Fern, Holly and Sienbe.Paul, Sao and family
Amick is our philosophizing, conspiring, master of diving! All joking aside Amick is a crucial member of the Marine Conservation Cambodia team. His love for the ocean and life in general, is truly infectious, which you will see within minutes of meeting him. Amick’s devotion to what he does is clearly visible and his passion for MCC is  unmatched.
Amick, Main team leader
Sarah Joined the MCC Team in September 2017, as the lead scientist on Cambodia's only Marine Mammal Program. Despite her young age, we couldn't have found a more perfect person for the job. She is determined, passionated and more than focus on the project. Be ready, in a couple of years, she will a Internationally known dolphin scientist!
Sarah, The Dolphin Project team Leader (Tanguy's secret girlfriend)
Carney is unique, cablable of every job thats thrown his way. He assists every other team member whilst keeping us all amused with crazy stories. Carney was at one time a volunteer, but after telling us his flight was in 2hrs whilst we were having dinner on the island, the only option we had was to offer him a job!
Carney, little bit of everything
Nang is the medium boat captain. He has been with us since he was 14. He is a truly caring, happy, honest, and loving person making him simply a joy to be around. If Nang isn’t hanging out with the volunteers, you’ll find him relaxing in one of our many hammocks, on one of the boats,  or playing a game of beach volleyball.
Nang, Medium Boat captain 
Phon is a man of few words, do to his limited English, but that doesn’t stop him from getting involved and learning about the volunteers. Even with limited English Phon is easy to communicate with. He is the captain of one of our boats and also likes to help with the maintenance of the other engines on the islandPhon, Speedboat captain
What can we say about Cam? Describing him is maybe one of the hardest questions we could be asked. Simply put, Cam is a person you just have to love. At first his quiet commanding nature may be scary, but once he smiles the warmth is engulfing.
Cam akka Puppet
Tom is french.Tom, MCC Ambassador (Also Cluster maker, Cartographer, Web designer, Reef surveyor, Seahorse surveyor, Grant applier, Dive master, Artificial reef deployer, Social Media animator) 
Tanguy is also french.Tanguy, Accountant, Artificial reef leader, Seahorse Leader, Coordinator, and Big Smiler (Sarah's secret boyfriend)
Rachana, joined our team after doing a 6 month internship for her major Environmental Science at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Rachana together with 3 other interns created the “Artificial Reef Team Project” for their final year project. She is now our amazing executive director. Passionate and determined, she is the future MCC leader! 
Rachana, Executive director
Lucy is our Seagrass project team leader. After sharpening her skills all around the world, studying seagrass, shed decided to join our conservation effort, for one year! Her peaceful smile and enthusiam will make you follow her, without hesitation!
Lucy, Seagrass Project project manager
Tim joined our family November 2018. A big lad, with a very big heart, who'll do his very best to transmit his passion, scuba diving!  Tim, Dive Instructor 
Tin is Mao's older brother, tasked with looking after the boats, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but we love him anyway.Tintin, Boatboy
Mean is quiet and gentle, he looks after your water, your power and makes sure the whole island looks beautiful. You will see Mean early always up as the sun rises, and always offering a big smile, the island just wouldnt be the same without him.
Vimean, Carney's boss
Mao is hardworking in the day, and sexy at night. Her giggles are infectious!
Mao, Controler of the Kitchen
Chey, Our big boat captain, earned the nickname the phantom after rescuing our patrol team. Outnumbered and facing much larger boats, Chey arrived out of the darkness to protect the patrol team chasing of a team of illegal boats single handed. On the ocean he's a force to be reckened with, on land he's just part of the family, a lovely man with a big heart and a catching giggle.
Chey, The phantom

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